Master Feemon Ong

The Kwan Ying Do (Dao) system of Martial Arts was created by Grandmaster Feeman Ong in the early 1960’s upon receiving permission from his teachers to open a school. He stated that his roots were formed in the White Cloud Monastery, and that he trained in Taiwan and Hong Kong, then emigrating to the US in the 1950’s. At the time, very little information was known about Kung Fu nor was instruction readily available in this area. Kwan Ying Do is translated as “The Way of the Honorable Masters” and, in recognition of the masters who taught him the Chinese martial arts, he named his school Kwan Ying Do. Master Ong was known for his fighting and healing abilities and in-depth understanding of the Chinese martial arts history and philosophy. He created “The Monday Night Instructor’s Class” as the anchor class to perpetuate the Kwan Ying Do system. He also taught numerous speciality classes in the healing arts, history and philosophy, feng shui, face reading, acupuncture and programs such as Iron Palm and Iron Vest. Master Ong was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the martial arts and culture as well as an astute businessman. He was known in the area by other martial artists as “The Man with the Electric Hands” because of the speed with which he was able to execute his techniques.

The Kwan Ying Dao Emblem and Patch

The Kwan Ying Dao Emblem and Patch were introduced by Grandmaster Feemon Ong when the Kwan Ying Dao System was founded by him and sanctioned by his masters in the Orient. The emblem consists of a Yin-Yang symbol surrounded by a red pa kua symbol and double swords. The three figures depicted within the Yin and Yang symbol on the patch represent Master Ong’s three primary teachers, whose names are Master Kao, Master Lau, and Master Jin. The Yin-Yang symbol is widely recognized and conveys the concept of balance in the universe. Red is the traditional color used in Oriental culture to signify good fortune and was incorporated in the patch design for that purpose. The three written characters at the bottom of the patch represents the name of the original system, Kwan Ying Dao meaning the “Way of the Honorable Masters.”

The Kwan Ying Dao patch was originally worn over the left side of the chest. In the Hong Sing Kwan Ying Dao System, the Kwan Ying Dao patch shall be worn on the right sleeve, as representative of, and in respect for, the originator of the System, Grandmaster Feemon Ong.